We are a team of four people coming from four different European countries. Between us we speak 8 European languages. As you can see, we are very European. Accordingly we do not only believe in the spirit of European unity – we live it every day!

The Silkroad 4.0 project is the expression of our wish to see a Europe united through technology moving towards a joint digital future!

Silkroad 4.0 is a large multistage project that will equip 2 motorcycles with the latest European IoT Technology. Through the means of an engaging motorcycle adventure it will  explain the impact of Digital Innovation to the audience on a personal level.
Those motorcycles will travel 6 months along the old Silk Road, from the hearth of Europe to China.
We wish to revive the idea of the exchange of ideas and technologies of the old Silk Road by applying it to a new, digital level.
The first part of the Silkroad 4.0 Initiative will start this summer in the the form of Silkroad 4.0 European Trip – a motorcycle voyage across 15 European countries.

Everything is an adventure, so one can never know where he might end up. Pole of Inaccessibility is our goal, but the actual story is in the adventure itself. We are inviting you to traverse the ancient Silk Road together with us!

Silkroad 4.0 is a private initiative. The company executing the project is composed of a multinational team of 4 people.

As with most big things, it all starts with the dream. And our dream combines all our passions: traveling, motorcycles, high technology and bringing people together. So we put together what we love most and have experience with and gave it a purpose – to Test and Showcase European IoT Technology by broadcasting how technology eases a long distance motorcycle adventure.

The project is 100% sponsor based. We are looking for sponsors who want to showcase their technology in the framework of an engaging adventure.

Philipe Reinisch, the head of the project, has an academic background in the area. He has for many years been working on projects related to IoT and has also been involved in numerous activities related to IoT in Austria.

The connectivity will be established through our technology partners including Macchina.io, an IoT Platform provider.

During the project, we will be relying on different types of connectivity. Primarily mobile network but also all other types, including e.g. LoRaWan Network and ultimately satellite connectivity.

If you would like to became part of the Silkroad 4.0 project please feel free to get in touch. Contact us at philipe.reinisch@silkroad40.com