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Adventure Travel
High Tech
Bring People Together
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Our private initiative started with a dream to create a project powered by our passions, while giving them a purpose:

We put together what we love the most and what we have experience with:

our desire for Adventure travelling,

our passion for high-tech and

While doing all this – at the same time bringing people together.

High Tech

Adventure Travel

Bring People Together


Showcase European IoT Technology
within a Travel Adventure and
bring together IoT and Industry 4.0 Experts

Create a Meeting Point of
IoT and Industry 4.0 Experts

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All this directs it to our common goal:

Showcase the latest European Technology by broadcasting how high-tech eases a long distance motorcycle adventure.

Along the way, we would like to bring European technology experts together and create an online meeting point where they can easily connect and meet.



Getting deeper into the goals of Silkroad 4.0 we want to achieve, there are three main ones:

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    1) to Transmit to our audience the Adventure we are experiencing,

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    2) to Showcase useful technology

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    3) to Open doors for Networking in the countries we are visiting

So let´s talk about each one:

Do you prefer a written summary of our initiative?

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