StartUp wants to tackle IoT Security


If you google IoT you are sure to encounter countless reports, articles and experts all discussing one and the same IoT issue – Security.

And there are some justified reasons why security in the context of IoT is such a big deal. All those connected devices unlock massive value and potential, but they also lead to a variety of new security threats which need to be resolved.

However, a new Silicon Valley start up seems determined to tackle this issue at least in part!

Armis is an Israeli-American company bringing to market a solution that it says will resolve glaring IoT security issues. And it has some high-profile backers to do so. The company is announcing $17 million in funding led by none other than Sequoia Capital and Tenaya Capital. It is using its funding news to leverage its way into a public unveiling at the Gartner Security and Risk Management Summit occurring next week.

In terms of what it actually does, Armis provides an agentless IoT security platform that lets enterprises see and control any device or network. Allegedly frictionless to deploy, the solution integrates with existing IT infrastructure and gives businesses visibility into and management over devices, whether on or off the corporate network. The value proposition being that with Armis, enterprises are able to gain the productivity benefits of using IoT devices without sacrificing security.

The company has a well-heeled story. Founded in late 2015 and headquartered in Palo Alto, California, with an office in Tel Aviv, the Armis team is composed of engineering talent from Israel and experienced Silicon Valley technology leaders.

Armis looks to have the right backers, the right story and the right industry credibility to execute. It will be interesting to watch the company’s progress.

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