Best of both worlds – an electric Harley Davidson

In a world that is getting closer to the future in which automated cars will rule the streets some believe that driving enthusiasts may turn to motorcycles to get their manual fix.

This is the case with Bill Davidson, vice president of the iconic motorcycle brand – Harley Davidson.

The brand has for many years been the symbol for a unique, unrestrained, motorcycle experience. But now even the Harley is changing.

Going with the latest technological trends the company has decided to introduce a completely new, some would say uncharacteristic, product – an electric motorcycle Limewire.

Working hard on this new concept, Harley Davidson plans to release the first of its electric motorcycles in 5 years, with plans to make 100 new motorcycles over the next 10 years, including an entire range of electric vehicles

Now, hardcore motorcycle enthusiast among you may ask – but if they go electric, what will happen with that unique Harley sound that the engine makes?

While an electric Harley won’t have the signature engine boom that its combustion-powered bikes have, Davidson said that the company is working on a sound that he likens to a jet engine.

Well, riding a jet engine doesn’t sound all that bad.

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