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We started our day in panel or in English pen new pen new I know and it was bloody codes we’ve had degrees Celsius it was close to raining very overcast and yeah it was not really comfy situation to sit on a motorcycle so Lina and me we dressed up quite warm so I think three layers at least plus in my case I also put on my rain rain overall just the less for the rain itself that might come up but more for the wind and the temperature and it was a really good idea mr. Churchill doesn’t have any hand protection so the hole in my glove on my right index finger is still getting bigger and bigger so nearly hold of my tip of my right sorry left index finger is now uncovered so the whole of my left index finger of my glove is getting bigger and bigger and nearly the whole tip of my finger is now uncovered and I don’t have any heating grips unlike flinky Freda my BMW solo motorcycle that Lena is running she had the comfort of having nice heated grips that I missed a lot during a trip to tell him it was less a highway right it was some b-level roads or sea level roads that were connecting cities it was really decent the interesting fact is that in Estonia the speed limit is out of City and within a city so we could not go any faster than very rarely there are stretches or areas where you can go for but this is let’s say what minutes minutes and then next city comes and you get slowed down to to to and then maximum that they can go after that is again so it took us roughly three hours to go from panel to Talon and that was a little bit worried because at : local time I had my next appointment with the Estonia showroom and we decided not to waste any time in filling up our bikes nor to make any lunch breaks or foot breaks or anything else so we really wanted to speak through and after nearly three hours on the bike it was really cold so both of us Lena and me were quite chilly after arriving in telling we contacted our hosts fortunately Patrick was home and he was generous enough to let us in and allowed us to drop our stuff official Airbnb check-in time is : p.m. but we arrived here at : approximately so I just rushed up we carried all our luggage up to to the apartment then I changed made myself a little bit more civilized not a typical biker look and then gathered all my recording gear camera gear tripod and so on and so on and then I took Frankie Frida and went away and then I took Frankie Frida to drive to this kind of Canon camera repair centre while going there I realized oops we didn’t fill up the bikes both of us better find a gas gasoline station and of course there was none in the area was what I was looking for after looking around even delaying more my my trip to the camera repair center I found a gasoline station and it was a self-service gasoline station this self-service gasoline station only accept credit cards or cash so no worries to my first credit card tried to resist it for getting the gasoline and of course it didn’t work so I took the second credit card not in not working neither third credit card not working either so it seems that this device the gasoline station did not allow any Austrian credit cards so no worries I do have cash what I’ll do I’ll just get a banknote and enter it into the machine problem was Lina took out the money in the last money so it was I didn’t have any cash with me so that was a little bit a stress factor and then I fortunately found some reserved money in one of my pockets that I always keep in emergency situations so at least I was able to fill up for euros the tank so it was quite late then and it was quite nervous that I will make it but I made it in time then to go to the Canon lens repair center the lady at the reception was very helpful she accepted the lens and even the worst news of today they had copper flashcards the last several days I was heavily looking for a compact flash card because the gigabyte card that I have with me is broken I was not able to use it I was not able to reformat it so actually just confer it away the only other compact flash card that I have is a gigabyte flash card that’s approximately minutes of recording and that’s definitely not enough if you have to even three interviews in a row so I desperately wanted a new bigger memory card and believe it or not in Latvia and Estonia it’s incredibly difficult to find nowadays any compact flash cards so if you don’t go dedicated camera center there is no way of getting any complex lash cards it seems that all camera manufacturers switched to SD cards so that was the good news of the day while dropping the canon lens I got myself an SD card and then jumped again on Frankie Freda and tried to make my way to the interview and when I say okay I’m I try to make my way the problem with navigation is grim Maps works really good really well in this situation but I’m using we things we Frida a TomTom navigation systems is not connected to the internet and there the house numbers are not easily entered so sometimes the specific house numbers that I’m looking for are not working or not valid and so I have to go one up or one down so in this case for a lens repair center I was looking for this sturdy street letter letter T number and I didn’t find it on the TomTom so I keyed in number thinking that just next to it there must be the number okay and of course it was not the case of course I only realized that it’s not close by when I unpacked my bike put my helmet into the pen here put my gloves into the pen here put my GPS into the Pena got all my stuff out that I needed for the camera percent and then I was walking around didn’t find it then I took my mobile phone and I realized of course it’s a couple of hundred meters away so again dress up get the helmet get the girls get the GPS put backpack in the Pena and arrived a couple of hundred meters to the repair center so same thing with my interview appointment it took me quite some time to find the correct spot in the meantime it was rather late but I still had some couple of minutes left and then I parked my car and I realized okay that’s actually a parking area so one of these parks owns parking zones where you need some kind of special permission but no worries everybody speaks English here and that’s the interesting fact about this yeah people are incredibly well-educated even in the supermarkets you can find the woman sitting at the cash cashier the cashier the female cashiers in the supermarket’s they speak fluent English so there’s nobody who does not speak really good English here so I thought well no problem just simply ask a person they can help you turned out that % nobody knew about how to deal with the motorcycle here and this park zone seems to be that running motorcycling Estonia is not that widespread at least I was not really I didn’t find the right person to ask so I went even to the reception of the Estonia Center and even she didn’t know that she called several colleagues nobody knew it and then she’s just aside that you know what just put here on the boardwalk and if somebody says something I love jumping it was pretty sweet so I had done one and a half hours of really calm interview time so not to worry about the bike well in the meantime it was then already four o’clock I was super hungry and they not texted me that she’s sitting in this wonderful burger place and if I want she can order me a burger and and in time that I am with her the burger will be ready and I just can have a full munch of really delicious burger well the good news was the burger was ready the bad news was I was not ready because interesting the Talon consists of several waters and I was entering the wrong street address so actually I rented right street address but the wrong quarters so I wasn’t going to Tallinn but to the quarters close by on a map it looked like Italian but it was fini an erect very close by and again from there it took me another minutes to find Doug a place to get my burger and dig into it well and that’s the end of the day I’m super tired I didn’t sleep that well at night and it was quite stressful to arrange everything today here in Estonia in time we also don’t have any accommodation yet in Helsinki so that’s the next thing we have to organize and yeah I wish you a wonderful good dane starting to the day Cheers you

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