The EU Commission wants unified CO2 dependent tolls across Europe

The European Commission proposed new rules on Wednesday May 31st for road charging systems across Europe, saying they must be unified and based on CO2 emissions of vehicles.

Seeing how road transport alone is responsible for almost a fifth of EU emissions, in order to diminish pollution, countries would have to have a system based on the distance traveled, measured digitally on what the Commission hopes will be standardized on-board boxes. Cars with zero emissions would get a mandatory 75 percent reduction.

The new rules would not force any country to introduce a road toll, but  those that use toll systems would have to follow certain new principles.

Countries such as Denmark, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and Sweden, which use the time-based “vignettes” for trucks, or Germany, which plans annual or shorter duration passes for cars, would have to adjust their schemes.

Transition periods would apply until 2023 for heavy-duty vehicles and 2027 for other vehicles.

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