Our explorer Philipe presents a possible IoT framework for motorcycles to researchers from all over Europe

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Several areas of knowledge are needed to create an infrastructure for the Traveler of the Future:

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    Project Management

    Bringing all components together – Integrating not fitting parts of the overall project

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    Vehicle Technology

    Integration of the device into the vehicle of choice

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    IoT & Sensors

    Connecting devices that enable sensing and reacting to the environment

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    Data Transfer & Security

    Anything that is related to the Outer World

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    User Interaction & Health

    Personal Devices used or interacting with the Riders body

A traveler needs much more than just connected devices. One needs shelter from the weather, connectivity to communicate with the outside world while on the move to provide an update on ones life or calling for help in case of an emergency, video and photography means to document one´s adventures, integrated apps that allow navigation and hotel booking as well as finding the next pharmaca and much more. Some of these services already exist. But integration is cumbersome still.

We are exploring nowadays possibilities.

Stay tuned for updates!

Having said all this. We can not change the world in one day. So we started with the first step. An IoT framework.


Do you want to learn more about a possible architecture for a connected framework for the motorcycle of the future?

See the slide that Philipe was discussing at the ICT proposers day of the European Commission in Budapest here:

   OVERVIEW Connected Open Source Traveler Framework

Do you have knowledge in any of these areas – or even other technology realms?

Do you want to contribute to a Framework for the Traveler of the Future?

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