We are looking for

IoT devices and applications

that may enhance or ease a long-distance motorcycle adventure trip.
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In this contest, we seek to identify IoT devices and applications that may enhance or ease a long-distance motorcycle adventure travel.

Technology shall enhance our travel experience, for example, in terms of planning, navigation, comfort, safety, security, maintenance, communications, video recording or simply fun.

If you know of any – simply let us know!

We have created a video that explains it all:

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Who can participate?  That’s simple. Essentially everybody! And it is completely FREE of charge!
We would like to invite:

  • Academic Institutions
  • Research Institutes
  • StartUps
  • Companies
  • Entrepreneurs


We’re looking for fully functional prototypes or finished products to be used (and promoted) on high-tech motorcycles during the Silk Road 4.0 European trip!

These products shall work in harsh conditions found in an adventurous travel: let it be rain, dust or strong vibrations. Also your solution shall take into consideration the lightweight construction and maintenance friendly design. Surprise us with your solution!

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  • rain, low nocturnal temperatures in high altitudes
  • lack of dust-free environments for potential repairs
  • strong vibrations during the journey and shock
  • easiness of repair in case of a crash
  • potential lack of online data connectivity
  • lightweight construction
  • small space available
  • low energy consumption (5v / 12v DC)
  • temperature range (+70°C to -20°C)
  • use of legal radio frequencies in all the crossed countries

Instant Benefits

  • Connect with other IoT Developers
    for mutual support

  • Gain Media & Partner Awareness for your IoT solution, that may help foster your business opportunities!

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It’s important, we know!

JUST APPLY - It is free 🙂

Ready to go? So you want to showcase your IoT solution to the world?
It’s that easy.

1) Simply start applying there:

2) Have fun
Creators with the best solutions will be invited to our stakeholder conference [location to be announced soon].

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Don´t forget: Your application shall include:

  • A short description of your IoT solution
  • Why the solution helps a long-distance motorcycle journey
  • A very brief technical explanation of which technologies are used
  • A short video that we can then post on our website and the Silkroad 4.0 media channels
  • And one page of presentation that shows your solution

In case of any questions or possible problems please contact us

Important Dates

Don’t forget!

Of course, there is no challenge without deadlines.

For the first Silkroad 4.0 European IoT Challenge
the submission has already started on September 11th, 2017.
The deadline for the last submission ends on November 27 at 23:59 Austrian time.
The winner will be announced in December 2017 – stay tuned for that!



takes it all 🙂

The winner of the challenge will gain membership in the Silkroad 4.0 Technology Circle, have the solution presented to our technology partners and used and actively promoted during the voyage alongside the equipment of some of the most important producers in the IoT industry!

WINNERS of previous Editions

We are happy to announce that TAWNY Emotions Tracker was the winner of the First Edition of the Silkroad 4.0 European IoT Challenge, here you will find the video explaining how Tawny Works.

Send your submission before the deadline ends!

2017/10/27 23:59:59