IoT & the Environment?

Putting all the IoT hype aside, IoT does indeed promise some really cool solutions in the future. Some of them are already here in their initial forms, some are being sketched out in a laboratory somewhere.

Despite its different applications, there is one important aspect of IoT that is currently being overlooked, and that is its effect on the environment. And if you look at some of the examples you will notice that not only is IoT technology extremely environmentally friendly, but is actually making a difference.

Case in point – connected cars.

Self driving cars are a hot topic that is quickly becoming a reality. What is not discussed that often is that sensor-enabled IoT systems will allow traffic to move at one speed with only a few meters between vehicles, thus reducing the fuel inefficiency brought on by the speed and gear changes of human-operated vehicles.

But let’s not stop there. What about our homes where we probably waste most of the energy?

Well, with IoT – lights or heating can be strictly controlled preventing unnecessary energy use.

Now you’re thinking, sure, but those are all examples of mitigating effects caused by humans. Can IoT actually help the environment in the context of e.g. wildlife?

The answer is yes!

IoT collars on animals have proven itself to be extremely useful with Iberian Lynx being re-established in Spain after using IoT technologies to track and monitor the few remaining wild lynxes.

And that is just the beginning.

IoT can deal with pollution in new ways by using connected sensors to measure pollution and accordingly help the city planners find ways to better manage pollution made by noise and contamination.

The technology is here, it now just requires new ideas that will put it to work!


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