MADE Denmark

MADE Denmark is the national platform for digital transformation and development of Industry 4.0 in Denmark.

Philipe had an interesting interview with Ms. Merete Nørby, International Senior Consultant responsible for the international activities at MADE.


MADE Denmark

MADE works on making Denmark an attractive country of manufacturing, providing products and services that can carry a high level of costs. In MADE that happens through the development of new solutions in automation, 3D printing and digitization.


Among the MADE members you find big and small companies as well as universities, academic institutions, advanced technology groups and other actors with an interest in promoting manufacturing in Denmark. Together they share knowledge across sizes, industries and geographies. MADE has three focus areas: research, innovation and education. Within these three areas stakeholders meet and discuss state-of-the-art technologies and solutions that will strengthen manufacturing in Denmark – also in the future.



This EU Innovation Action focuses on supporting and promoting the use of ICT technologies by SMEs and start-ups. Over two years 48 companies follow an accelerator course where their business models are developed and four “super start-ups” are identified.  MADE’s role is related to “Smart Factories”, including the definition of challenges, selecting the winning projects and providing networking activities.


Other international MADE activities are related to EFFRA, Digital Innovation Hubs (DIH) and the development of a COST network around Competences and learning in Industry 4.0 / Digitalization perspective.



Merete Nørby
International Senior Consultant at MADE, Manufacturing Academy of Denmark

Twitter:  @MereteRby




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