Meet Lena!

Lena Otter (34), together with Philipe Reinisch, will be traveling on the EuroTour.

Hailing from the Netherlands, Lena is a passionate world traveler and has been engaged in numerous Development & Aid Projects across the world – from Nicaragua to Cambodia.

Looking at her background, she holds a BA in International Business & Management and an MA in Project Management of EU Projects.

And like Philipe, she is multilingual, speaking Dutch, Frisian, English, German and Spanish, which will for sure come in handy during the EuroTrip.

Lena and Philipe will do the Eurasian Silkroad 4.0 trip together, where they plan to reach the Pole of Inaccessibility!

Unlike Philipe who has a lot of experience with motorcycles, Lena can be called a beginner motorcycle enthusiast and just recently got her motorcycle driver’s licence.

So, if you ever thought about doing a trip like this, follow Lena’s example, don’t make excuses and be ready to go!

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