New Lightweight Camera Drone from Apple

If you are dissatisfied with the low-tech solution of using a selfy-stick when making stunning photos, drone cameras might be just the thing for you.

The newest product in the area of self-flying cameras is Passport, a lightweight drone-camera made from a carbon fiber material.

Created as a result of partnership between Apple and Zero Zero Robotics this 242 grams drone can travel at speeds up to 30 kilometers per hour and features face and body tracking, allowing it to follow users around and capture photos and video. It features a 13MP camera with 4K video support. Additionally, the Hover Passport can capture 360 degree panoramic video.

A defining feature of this camera is that it is powered by proprietary artificial intelligence.

Being created in cooperation with Apple, the camera comes with an accompanying iOS app that contains all the tools needed for its use like video editing, settings, and more.

After its launch with the price tag of $499, some users have reported issues concerning relatively short battery fly time (10 minutes), difficulties with follow mode and general controllability, as well as dissatisfaction regarding its high price.

Despite these initial issues Passport seems to be a perfect light-weight travel companion, ushering the future of camera-drones.

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