New Security Threat

Cyber Security Company McAfee reported that as many as 2.5 million IoT devices have been infected by Mirai botnet by the end of 2016.

Mirai is a malware that infects insufficiently protected IoT devices running on obsolete versions of Linux and turns them into remotely controlled “bots”. These devices can then be controlled and used for large-scale network attacks. In doing so, Mirai just corrupts the IoT devices but that does not render it unusable – the device continues to function normally, albeit slower at times.

However, Mirai recently got “competition” in the form of a new malicious software called BrickerBot.

The MO of BrickerBot is very similar to that of Mirai, including infecting Linux-based unsecured IoT devices that have not changed the default username and password.

But, unlike Mirai, BrickerBot starts to permanently remove the storage and revokes Internet access, effectively killing the infected unit.

Seeing how the threat has been just recently discovered by cybersecurity vendor Radware, it still unclear what damage it will produce.

But one thing is certain – in order to avoid exploit like this users of IoT devices should at least change the basic factory password settings.

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