This is an opportunity of a life time, a private initiative and a passion project and we would like to meet you on our adventure! In particular: tech startup entrepreneurs; fintech experts; cryptocurrency traders, especially bitcoin; internet of things and iota professionals; digital marketing experts; social media gurus; and workers in the European digital media space. Take a look at our network so far! www.silkroad40.com/testimonial/

Our three main goals for the trip:

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    1) to Transmit to our audience the Adventure we are experiencing,

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    2) to Showcase useful technology

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    3) to Open doors for Networking in the countries we are visiting

Let´s see each goal in deep:


Silkroad 4.0´s first goal is to share the Adventure

Sharing the Experience

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And by ADVENTURE we mean not only travelling, but interacting with the terrain, the people, and the inherent difficulties of the places we are visiting.

Because we believe that by experiencing the places in this way, you will have more fun and at the same time may get a better understanding of the societies and how they use technology.

Enhanced by useful IoT technology

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But you may ask yourself, why motorcycle?

Well, there may be faster ways to travel. And definitely much more comfortable ones.

But the objective is to let you feel the place and the story behind the travel itself:

We want to immerse ourselves in the societies we go through and interact with them.

With that in mind, we chose motorcycles because it means smelling the air, feeling the rain; because there is no metal cage between us and the people around us, because it really means sensing what is around us, even though it also means exposing ourselves directly to harsh environmental conditions.

And here is where IoT Technology  comes to our aid:

It will make our travels easier, more efficient, more comfortable, safer, more secure, easier maintained, better connected and – simply more fun.


as key for cooperation
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To deepen the knowledge of the societies we will visit, we shall broadcast our insights about their ways of doing things, of interacting with each other, their use of the internet, and the state of art of the technology they use in their industries.

Mainly because it´s interesting itself, but also because we think that in order to start a dialog, it’s of utmost importance to understand the way others are living and why they behave the way they do.

We hope our initiative will help in taking away fears and prejudices that are unfortunately spreading all over the world at the moment.

Broadcasting Insights

about societies & their use of technology
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We will share our day to day travel challenges as part of the story we are experiencing. Stay tuned to which technology we will be using for sharing our stories! All we can say for now – it will be cool!


Silkroad 4.0´s second goal is to SHOWCASE high-tech.

Showcase Technology

Useful for our travel
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We will showcase products and solutions that demonstrate real-life use of the latest technology in difficult environments, and test how these technologies ease and enhance the experience of a long-distance motorcycle trip – a trip following our slogan: “Adventure meets technology”

Testing solutions

In real-life environments
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Temperature fluctuations, dust, vibrations, harsh weather conditions,… they all affect the products in unpredictable ways.

Our trip is a great opportunity to put those products to the test, and to examine how they behave in extreme non-simulated circumstances.

Stunning Scenarios

to immerse your IoT solutions campaigns
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We will have the latest technology recorded in action, in the middle of deserts, mountains and exotic villages, all immersed within the beauty of stunning natural scenarios and foreign cultures.

Periodic Updates

constant social media
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With periodic updates designed for social media, we will show through video clips and short blog posts how to use digital technology to make adventurous trips easier.


And the third objective of Silkroad 4.0 is NETWORKING:

Planting Seeds for Development

 of Industry 4.0 as the next evolution
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Planting Seeds for DEVELOPMENT of Industry 4.0 as the next evolution

We strongly believe that in the following years Industry 4.0 will have a strong impact on the evolution of countries, and can reshape the way societies function.

For that reason, we want to bring awareness to this vision and foster cooperation between European and Asian professionals
by promoting the Ancient Silk Road spirit and enable the open exchange of ideas, knowledge, and technology.

Feeling the Pulse

of Eurasian Industry 4.0
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We want to feel the pulse of Eurasian Industry 4.0, by visiting local industries and broadcasting video reports and interviews with main local stakeholders.

This way we will provide our audience with a vision of the state of the art of the industry of visited countries.

Building Alliances

 in Europe and Asia
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Ultimately, we will be BUILDING Alliances along the route, across Europe and Asia:

We will be visiting the main industrial enterprises and academic institutions, and will showcase your IoT or Industry 4.0 technology in meetings and presentations to relevant local stakeholders and media, opening doors for future alliances.

Local Experts

meeting point
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We will also promote a local industry 4.0 and IoT Experts’ Meeting Point:

We have created an online directory of local experts and SMEs where they will be able to describe their capabilities and offer their services to other IoT companies.

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