Big part of the initiative is to identify and bring together technologies from all over Europe, or to unite them in a “lighthouse project” as part of a rolling showcase.

  1. In our current preliminary phase, we are still scouting the various technologies – we are currently in talks with the Vienna Chamber of Commerce to identify possible technology partners who wish to contribute. One of the ways to identify technologies is our Silkroad 4.0 European IoT Challenge, where we specifically invite technology partners to present their solutions:
  2. During our European tour in August and September, we will try to reach further technology partners from all over Europe.

Functionalities that interest us: everything that makes a (motorcycle) long-distance trip faster, easier, safer – or fun! (From dynamic interactive route planning along with the community to solutions that simplify video creation during the trip, we’re open to any suggestions).

Possible products can be: everything you can wear on the body (so-called wearables), which can be installed in a motorcycle or a drone, or software and apps. We are looking at, for example, emotion tracker or apps that automatically get help in an accident with the motorcycle – but these technologies are not yet fixed.

These technologies and functionalities are then explained in the context of the journey: we want to bring people who have not come into contact with modern technologies so far closer to them by means of experiences they themselves know (“travel”).

The exact route and the interview partners are currently still in planning.

For the European Tour: stakeholders and thinkers in the area of IoT, Industry 4.0 and experts in the area of digitalization and transport: academic institutions, companies, start-ups or local organizations (IoT MeetUps etc).

We are currently building a map of suitable technologies and partners that is available at

Promoting Silkroad 4.0 allows for cross-promotion of partners all over Europe and along the Silk Road.

We invite our technology partners to use our project to get in contact with other technology partners with whom they have not had direct contact points so far. (E.g. battery manufacturers and GPS systems) Our initiative therefor provides a broad thematic approach.

The whole project has been developed by Dr. Philipe Reinisch as a private initiative and is based on a classic sponsors system.

We are still looking for partners.