The Eurasian

  • Cooperation

    The Ancient Silk Road connected Europe with Asia and enabled the exchange of ideas, knowledge, products, and technology.

    Silkroad 4.0 revives this spirit of exchange by focusing on the technology transfer and cooperation in the Industry 4.0 and Internet of Things (IoT), the next opportunity for fast development of countries.

  • Connected Ride

    Two motorcycles equipped with cutting-edge European technology will travel through the tracks of the historic Silk Road visiting the main industrial and academic points of interest and opening doors for future alliances.

    The data collected during the trip through the network of sensors will be monitored, analyzed and broadcasted in real time through an interactive experience.

  • Technology Accelerator

    By connecting enterprises Silkroad 4.0 serves as a technology accelerator, establishing a pan-Eurasian Industry 4.0 Development and Marketing Network.

    Through the Platform, Silkroad 4.0 will enable technology cooperation and transfer that will result in new connected products that otherwise might not be created. Serving as a technology catalyst, Silkroad 4.0 brings in contact companies that will cooperate on creating new IoT and Industry 4.0 solutions.

  • Multilingual Edutainment

    The Silkroad 4.0 explorers will write and publish a multilingual travel blog (English, German, Russian, Mandarin) documenting their adventure in real time.

    The blog will give readers insight in the lives of people in Europe and Asia, while at the same time describing the technology used during the trip and the changes brought by IoT and Industry 4.0.


Remaining period in Phase 1:

2017/05/17 16:32:10