Tawny Emotion Tracking

Imagine a world with emotionally intelligent machines, a world where products and devices know how you feel.

Tawny has the ambition to build a living environment that responds to human emotion, cognition and motivation in order to improve and facilitate people’s life.



TAWNY want to realize this vision by developing affective computing technology that allows to recognize affective states like emotion, stress or flow and allows then matching these states with human’s physiological data and with psychophysiological inventories to create emotional intelligence for the Internet of Things (IoT).


The TAWNY project interlinks today’s major technological challenges such as artificial intelligence (AI), digitalization of products, IoT, big data, smart robots or autonomous systems.

Enormous growth rates are predicted for the IoT sector in the upcoming years as well as the EDR and wearable market. However, most of the current solutions are concentrating on M2M communication.

We want to complement these developments by putting the user at the heart of the innovation process leading to a human-centered IoT.




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