Can you think of a better – and more challenging – way to learn what a gigantic project really means but doing it the hard way? Too few in Europe yet know what that strange OBOR or new silk-road is about. And to see it, look what its potential is and how you can seize the opportunities in the design, building and using the facilities is definitely a worthwhile effort. It has many facets and dimensions ranging from technology to logistics, from security to administrative handling like customs to organizing production and delivery optimizing the chances offered by this enterprise.

So if you are a determined enemy of your backside and haven’t yet swallowed enough dust and sand then you embark on a motorbike mission of this kind. But later when you again can sit you have a lot to tell and help possible customers or suppliers from first-hand experience!

So I wish you and all of us a great success of your expedition and you good luck!”

Heinz Zourek
Director General ret. of the Directorate for Taxes and Customs Union of the European Commission

“The key to the digital future is networking. Industries merge, entire value creation chains are linked digitally, devices exchange user data and the world moves closer together. Roadmaps for standardization in different fields will be crucial for orientation”.

DDr. Elisabeth Stampfl-Blaha
Managing Director Austrian Standards, Austrian Standards International
Former Vice President Technical Management, International Organization for Standardization (ISO)

“Innovation is essential for continuous progress, and knowledge and communication are essential for innovation. By promoting European technology and establishing new channels of communication between European and Asian industry and academia Silkroad 4.0 project is creating a platform for a further exchange of ideas and is strengthening the position of Europe as a global leader in innovation.”

Dr. Ludovit Garzik
Managing Director Austrian Council for Research and Technology Development

“It was interesting to learn of the Silkroad 4.0 project and to report on on its objectives to expand international business and academic ties in the Internet of Things (IoT). Our global readership shares these goals and we look forward to reporting on the progress achieved by this dynamic team of explorers and talented support crew”.

Jeremy Cowan
Editorial Director & Founder of Prestige Media Ltd (VanillaPlus)IoT Now 

“In our digitized world, the industrialization of cutting-edge technologies can only be achieved by bringing together all actors from all sectors of industry and research. What we need to drive our society forward are new eco-systems, which can only be created if competence, vision and cooperation come together. Therefore it needs global initiatives, and Silkroad 4.0 is a perfect best-practice example in this context.”

Helmut Leopold
Head of Center for Digital Safety & Security, AIT Austrian Institute of Technology

“It has become increasingly significant to provide more visibility to research outcomes and present them to the interested public. That is why innovative dissemination projects such as Silkroad 4.0 are highly welcomed, as they emphasize the importance of the promotion of research results in unique and creative ways.”

Dr. Peter Riedler
Vice-Rector for Financial Affairs, Resources and Location Development, Karl-Franzens-University Graz

“The world changes due to rapid advances in technology. This provides many opportunities but is also challenging us. In order to take advantage of the opportunities and also to face the challenges we need to work and stay close together, collaboration is a must. Silkroad 4.0 fosters innovation and knowledge to find solutions for the upcoming challenges, and is thus a great example of collaboration at European level.”

Jose Cruset
Director at TEDxBarcelona

Silkroad 4.0 is an excellent example of how technology can be used as enabler to build bridges between different countries and their cultures. This united European approach brings people closer together and proves that digitization can lead to great accomplishments for all of us.”

Prof. Dr. Oliver Loisel
Managing Partner ATLAS and Professor for Digitization

IoT is more than connecting devices smartly. It’s also about connecting people and communities. As manager involved in national, European and international standardization I know the high value of this “connecting to exchange views, opinion in order to find common agreements”.

Similar to IoT and connecting people the ancient silk road was more than a network of economic trade routes, it was a route for cultural exchange among the civilizations along its network.

I highly acknowledge the Silkroad 4.0 initiative which aims to combine the concepts of the ancient Silk Road with the latest digital innovations in terms of IoT.”

Dr. Karl Grün
Director Standards Development Austrian Standards Institute 
Chairman of the Technical Board European Committee for Standardization (CEN)