Potential Testimonials

The innovation brought by Industry 4.0 and IoT is leading to an ever-greater digitalization of our lives and it is essential for all countries to realize the consequences of these changes. The Silkroad 4.0 initiative to promote European industry of the future through international co-operation is thus both important and timely.


Challenges of progressive digitalization and interconnectedness of the modern world require a holistic approach involving people, processes, culture and technology. Silkroad 4.0 project is unique in building an international, collaborative network that provides the opportunity to share learning, experience and latest developments in a dynamic and connected global IoT landscape.


Swift innovation in Industry 4.0 and IoT are some of the most important issues that we face today in ensuring the continuous progress of our society. Due to the ever-growing interconnectedness of the global networks, further innovation can only be managed through an effective international collaboration that enables information sharing and mutual assistance among companies and state authorities from different countries. The historical experience of Austria in managing multicultural environments is demonstrated once more through the Silkroad 4.0 project that marks an important step towards the establishment of a multi-stakeholder platform to meet the challenges affecting every aspect of the modern society.


The dependence of businesses and overall technological progress on IoT technology and the extended interconnectivity, resulting in the rise of Industry 4.0, magnified the significance of international cooperation and network building. New collaboration modes in the area of new technologies between society, businesses and governments need to be discussed and the Silkroad 4.0 project is a right step in this direction.


Both IoT technology and the resulting Industry 4.0 are of great importance to Austria. That is why a number of measures were implemented to increase Austria’s capabilities to cope with the changes brought with the new industrial revolution, but constant action by the industry is needed as well. Individual projects like the Silkroad 4.0 are therefore of great value for the entire country as they demonstrate and foster the innovation spirit and seek to create alliances that will ensure continued competitiveness of Austrian companies in the global market. Synergies stemming from Silkroad 4.0 partnerships will not only manage to increase the level of resilience of Austria’s economy to threats from the global competition, but they also provide a platform to ensure future collaboration and creation of new ideas, products and services.


Industry today faces big challenges caused by digitalization and development of new technologies. National and international efforts are imperative to develop proper response mechanisms, industry resilience and norms that will allow companies to deal with the changes in an effective manner. International dialogue and information exchange such as the one established by the Silkroad 4.0 project are needed and provide a valuable forum for awareness and competitiveness building.


Competitive industrial sector is the basis for a functional economy, health and social welfare. Everyone and everything, including all other critical infrastructure sectors, are highly affected by the changes brought by the advance of IoT technology. The exorbitant increase in number and scale of connected devices over the last years creates the urgent demand for an interconnected exchange between multiple industries, countries and companies. Silkroad 4.0 fulfills those special demands by creating the possibility to exchange knowledge and experience, as well as by raising awareness for the IoT and Industry 4.0 topic.


Over the last decade, we have witnessed a growing dependency on information technology in all sectors of life, and especially in the area of critical infrastructures. The increasing complexity of networks, cyber-physical systems and the emerging Internet of Things raise a strong need for deepened international collaboration. Expert knowledge as well as technology awareness will be essential to cope with the upcoming challenges. The Silkroad 4.0 project is an important step to foster innovation and create knowledge and tools to deal with the upcoming changes.


The changes that we are facing resulting out of political, economical as well as technical developments do require organizations as well as individuals to think, act and behave differently. Especially all changes that are related to the technical trends named “Digitalization” do ultimately lead to a different mindset and attitude to dealing with data and information. Actions by the Silkroad 4.0 project raise awareness about these issues, foster cooperation on national and international level and are in that sense indispensable for the future development of the industry.


The future is here and Silkroad 4.0 knows it! Its initiative to spread the message of European technology to the world and interlink Europe and Asia is unique and praiseworthy.


Silkroad 4.0 project offers pragmatic tools and insights that ultimately foster cooperation and new technology development. Their approach to innovation is unique, engaging and adventurous and creates an impetus for European stakeholders to work together in creating a joint digital future.


Silkroad 4.0 is an excellent example of how a united European approach can lead to great accomplishments.