Is my vacuum cleaner spying on me?

The Internet of Things is here, and it doesn’t have any plans on going away.

In an age of data economy, IoT provides not only useful services but also a see of data.

And speaking of data, an almost anecdotal news comes from the vacuum producer Roomba, that little robot that roams your house and keeps the dust away.

In an interview to Reuters, producers of Roomba have announced that while doing its main job, Roomba will at the same time collect data about your house, furniture placement, the layout of your living-room etc. They plan to keep and eventually sell that data to the likes of Amazon, Apple and Google, who will then know the exact layout of your house. And probably much more. So Roomba is effectively becoming a mini data collector.

One might end up asking – what is the main job of Roomba or IoT in general – to provide a useful service and make our lives easier, or to collect data under a guise of a useful function.

This approach is by no means new, Google has been doing it for ages. So who knows, maybe we end up getting used to having data about us collected 24/7, but I’m sure some people might become uncomfortable with their vacuum cleaner seeing them naked.

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