Day 7) Viking Garage

During their travels through wonderful Poland our team met an awesome motorcycle crew at the Viking Garage.

Viking Garage is a unique platform that gathers people who, in their own way, realize various motorbike passions – from sharing their experience with beginner motorcyclists, to customizing and repairing motorbikes. And while doing so it allows the users to earn extra income by putting their motorcycles up for rent.



Main activities of Viking Garage include bringing together people who are renting a bike for a shorter period of time and those who are looking to rent. In a sense, Viking Garage can be seen as an AirBnB for motorcycles.

But Viking Garage goes beyond this basic service and also offers professional guides that will show you the best places in your area and coaches who will help you achieve better results and improve your motorcycle skills and style, depending on your level of progress.

In order to offer a complete package, Viking Garage strives to create a community of motorcycle mechanics around the world, as to give users access to mechanics, no matter where they might be.

During their time with the Viking Garage crew, Lena and Philipe had the chance to test their dirt-bikes and experience a crash-course in dirt-bike riding.

And once again they were amazed by the incredible Polish hospitality! This is indeed an awesome country!


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