Building Value By Facilitating Access to Innovators
& Exposure To The Global Innovation Community

At business events along the route, urban technologies in the mobility and travel sector are showcased to other regions of the world
- the events will be streamed via the Internet: each participating technology partner can interact with a Global Innovation Community.

Everything starts with people. SILKROAD 4.0 is above all a network of individuals, innovators, creative minds, people that inspire, develop, build, produce, and provide world-improving solutions. People are the glue that binds it all together as well as the blood that keeps it flowing.

At a time when remote working has become a business lifestyle choice, and ever-changing technology accelerates our global economy, we bring intellectual geoarbitrage and human connections to business, in order to compete and collaborate in today's global world.

One of the best ways we can think of to grow, learn and interact with our members and networks, is through events, roadshows, talks, expeditions, presentations, meetups, random meetings, or just by being in the right place at the right time, even with no particular plan.

"It's a what?" We've heard this reaction a few times from the people we meet, when we mention the term 'Nomadic Incubator Network™️... And that's understandable, as it's maybe a little different to the way things are usually done... Maybe even a lot different...

Make connections that are more personal, or make more personal connections in general? Both, actually.. We believe that the key to doing more positive business is through forming deep personal relationships and connections for building up trust in the people you're doing business with.





Sustainable Business


Positive & Sustainable Business Practices Make Financial And Ethical Sense In Today's Digital Economy


SILKROAD 4.0 Collaborates Through
Global Innovation & Business Networks.