More Personal Connections

The key to doing positive business is by forming deep personal relationships
and connections with the people you're doing business with.

Make connections that are more personal, or make more personal connections in general? Both, actually.. We believe that the key to doing more positive business is through forming deep personal relationships and connections for building up trust in the people you're doing business with.

Make More Personal Connections


And this doesn't happen overnight, but requires many meetings and get-togethers in different locations and environments, to be able to say that you have a strong and deep connection with this person you're working and dealing with. This is why we started our Member Networks of people that we trust and can vouch for, as reliable individuals to do good business with. If they are also connected to a positive business with a strong moral and ethical profile, then that's even better.

As Innovators, we're all in this to creatively solve some of the problems that the world is facing today, and strong connections between the right calibre of people are the necessary foundation upon which to build the companies and initiatives that will grow into agents of positive change for the world, and improve quality of life and co-existence for humans, animals, plants, marine life, and other organisms that populate this magnificent planet of ours.


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