The SilkRoad 4.0 initiative is made possible by a team of passionate, adventurous and creative individuals, who live in several places across all over Europe. The project was started by Philipe Reinisch, but a lot of helping hands in the backgrounds support him to make his vision come true: To explore traveling of the future.

Nowadays technologies ease the hardships of long-distance travels. We will explore the limits – technological as well as ethical – of the given technologies.

Philipe Reinisch (Austria) will be the main Silk Road 4.0 EXPLORER and will be providing you with constant updates about the adventures he experiences along the way.

During the voyage, the project will be supported by several people in the (virtual) CONTROL ROOM.

Philipe Reinisch is the head of the Boteillier Group and the mastermind behind the Silk Road 4.0 Project. He holds a PhD in Industrial Engineering, and has more than 15 years of experience working on a wide variety of projects, from large-scale IoT roll-outs to digital business development projects in big corporations as well as StartUps.

Philipe is fluent in German, English and Spanish, and also speaks some Mandarin.

Dave O’Byrne has 25 years experience in concept development and working with StartUps in the motorcycle industry, travel industry, IT, tech, design, nutrition, experience and architecture industries. Dave’s main area of focus is the confluence between motorcycles, travel, experiences and technology, combining real-world motorcycle touring and travel with product development, marketing and test runs.

Dave is fluent in English, Danish, and understands other Nordic languages such as Norwegian, Swedish and Icelandic.

Jose Juan Lopez Ruiz, coming from Spain, is the chief architect of Silkroad 4.0. He holds an MSc in Telecontrol, Automation and Robotics and is the mastermind of Silkroad 4.0´s CI, the design language and the digital marketing strategy.

Jose Juan is fluent in Spanish, English and German, and speaks French as well.

Sofie Jacobs has 15 years of experience as a marketing and communications professional with a focus on content creation, copywriting and social media management.  She combines her love for motorcycling and long-term traveling as a freelance writer and blogger.

Sofie is fluent in Dutch, English and French and has basic notions of German and Russian.

Stefan Hupe supports the Silkroad 4.0 project as a mentor. He is a source of magical infinite knowledge, valuable analysis and creative ideas. Stefan is very helpful in all strategic and conceptual issues – not only in the Open Minds and the Open Collaboration world that he calls home. With his valuable European network of contacts, he opens doors helping in strategic scouting for Silkroad 4.0.

Stefan is a passionate communicator, strategist and political consultant as well an avid humanist and European.

He speaks fluent German, very good English and Italian, a bit French, some Spanish, but unfortunately no Klingon.

Christoph Mann is a communication strategist and chairman of the NGO Option 2.0. He studied Communication Science, and hosts people from around the world.
He loves to jump into new technologies – like e.g. Steemit: 

Christoph is a philosopher and fluent in German, English and Spanish.

You got a heart for motorbikes, tech & social media?

You’re in for a journey!


Adventure meets technology at Silkroad 4.0 this summer 2018. Become part of our volunteer team & actively broadcast European IoT Technology that eases a long distance motorcycle adventure along the historical Silk Road from Austria to the Pole of Inaccessibility.

You Are:

  • A social media enthusiast
  • An avid traveler yourself (backpacks + remote locations are your friends, motorcycle interest a plus)
  • Excited about IoT & new technologies
  • Up for a chance to discover new things
  • Communicative and fluent in English
  • Nice to have: Experience in editing video content, SEO and/or crowdfunding

Your Mission:

  • Keep IoT & tech enthusiasts updated about the journey via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube & blog posts (e.g. through country facts)
  • Engage & interact with followers & fans on social networks
  • Reach out to other influencers
  • Curate content in line with Silkroad 4.0’s vision
  • Optimize the content based on analytics (image + text)

What You’ll Get In Return:

The whole project is a private initiative, so funding is limited. Having said this – you will get the chance to…

  • Actively shape Silkroad 4.0, bringing together technology & adventure
  • Extend your professional global network
  • Get in contact with other global influencers
  • Learn about Social Media and the latest Technologies
  • And anything else is to be discussed!

Get in touch with Philipe! He loves to hear from you!